Nov 25

Drug Free Montcalm Grows!

Drug Free Montcalm has been comprised of Tobaaco Free Montcalm and the Montcalm Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking.  At the end of September Drug Free Montcalm expanded and realized the company of the Medication Disposal Coalition of Montcalm County.  The addition of the Medication Disposal Coalition is a “win-win” for everyone, coalition members and the communities in Montcalm County.  For more information contact the office at 989-831-4591 or email to

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Aug 15


Coming soon in Montcalm County, law enforcement agencies around the county will have Medication Drop Boxes in their lobbies.  Simply clean out your old and unused medications and bring them to any of the following law enforcement office  locations:

Carson City,

Greenville Public Safety,

Village of Howard City,

Village of Lakeview, and the

Sheriff’s Department in the City of Stanton.

The drop boxes are located in the lobbies and are available to the public during regular business hours.  All drop boxes should be in place by mid-September or earlier.  

Please do not dispose of “sharps” in the drop boxes. 

Contact your local law enforcement agency for more information.

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Aug 15

Healthy Alcohol Marketplace

Apathy About Alcohol Harm is Infecting the Nation!

A top health authority has called excessive alcohol use “a largely unrecognized public health problem.” The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) noted that more than 15 percent of U.S. adults, or 33 million Americans, report binge drinking in the past 30 days. And, the percentage of adults who binge has not declined for more than 15 years.

This is a website worth visiting:

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Aug 10

Where to go for help …

When problems show up around alcohol and/or other drug use – our own or someone elses – it isn’t easy to know where to turn.  The link below will take you to a document listing all the Regional Coordinating offices for Montcalm and immediately surrounding counties.  By contacting the regional office in your area, they will be able to let you know what services are available in your area.

Substance Abuse Service Directory – FY 2006 – 05-10-27

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Aug 09

The Marijuana Summit: Rethinking Prevention Strategies

On August 24th from 8:30 to 4:00 a Summit will be held to look at prevention concerns regarding marijuana in our society and Medical Marijuana in Michigan.   Dr. Kevin Sabet, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at the University of Florida and Former Senior Advisor with the Office of National Drug Control Policy will be the Key Note speaker.  Also featured is John Wright, Michigan Assistant Attorney General.  In addition, the Michigan Prevention Association will present their four key concerns of critical interest to prevention.

For more information visit

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Jul 27

Businesses in Nearly 100 Cities Raided in Nationwide Synthetic Drug Takedown

By Join Together Staff | July 26, 2012   

 Local and federal law enforcement officials raided businesses in almost 100 cities on Wednesday, in the first nationwide crackdown on synthetic drugs, USA Today reports.

 Operation Log Jam targeted businesses selling drugs such as “Spice,” “K2” and “bath salts.” The drugs are widely available in convenience stores, despite a law signed by President Obama earlier this month that bans synthetic drugs.

 Raids took place in cities including Columbus, Ohio; Duluth, Minnesota; Tampa and Pittsburgh. Authorities also conducted raids in upstate New York and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

 Many states had banned synthetic drugs before the federal law was signed, the article notes. The National Association of Convenience Stores says it advised its more than 148,000 member stores to remove the drugs from their shelves once the ban took effect.

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Jul 18

Automobile Safety – Don’t Drink and Drive

The following site was sent to us from a friend, Jessica, who has used our materials in her classroom.  In their research they found the site;  (Sponsored by multiple insurance companies.)  

There is some very good information at this site plus great links to other sites such as the following for prevention. 

There are more links on Organizations, Statistics, Blood Alcohol Content, etc.  We recommend you take a moment and check this out.

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Jul 14

Friday Night Fires – Youth Leading the Way

This past spring we held a youth summit at a local campground.  From the Summit a number of local youth stepped forward to decide how to carry the Healthy Choices messages back to their local schools and church youth groups.  They have set up a series of three Friday Night Fires events.  These Friday Night Fires include time for fun with bon-fires, time to develop leadership skills and time to develop plans for the up-coming school year. 

The Friday Night Fires Leadership Development series is held the second Friday night of June, July and August.  It is open to all youth.  Also, any adult or community service organization, business or church group that would like to support this leadership program is invited to contact us on how we can work together to promote Healthy Choices with youth.

For more information call John at 989-831-4591 or

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Mar 27

Change in Leadership

Drug Free Montcalm has enjoyed the encouragement strong support of the Montcalm County Substance Abuse Advisory Council.  Bob Brown, the Vice-Chair Person, has recently stepped down after many years of service.  Kim Singh, the Chair Person, is about to formally retire and moving on to work in a different position that will be working with dental clinics Statewide.  Both of these individuals have been a blessing to DFMC volunteers.  Kim has also invested her personal time, her leadership expertice and the involvement of the Mid-Michigan District Health Department in specific initiatives of DFMC.


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Jan 11


While it is difficult to distingish typical adolescent behavior from drug-induced behavior, parents should consdier possible drug use if they notice several of these changes in their child:

1. Changes in Physical Appearance -

  • Lack of personal cleanliness, messy appearance
  • Red eyes and frequent use of eye drops
  • Runny nose, congestion, coughing
  • Wearing dark glasses when not necessary
  • Pale face, circles under eyes

2. Changes in Eating and Sleeping Habits -

  • Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia
  • Inappropriate napping
  • Significant weight loss or gain
  • Poor appetite
  • A sudden appetite (especially for sweets)

3. Changes in Behavior and Personality -

  • Abrupt changes in mood
  • Hostility, defiance of rules
  • Depression, “I don’t care” attitude
  • Lack of responsibility: not doing chores, homework; forgetting family occasions
  • Blaming, lying, making excuses
  • Loss of memory, shortened attention span, disordered thought patterns
  • Withdrawal from family, isolation, secretiveness

4. Changes in School or Job Performance -

  • Lowered grades, neglected homework
  • Frequent tardiness and absenteeism
  • Falling asleep in class
  • Discipline problems
  • Quitting or getting fired from job

5. Physical Evidence of Drug Use -

  • Liquor in the home missing or watered down
  • Fake ID
  • Mouth wash, breath sprays
  • Visine or other eye drops
  • Roach clips, rolling papers
  • Bongs, pipes and small screens
  • Baggies containing dried leaves, seeds
  • “Stash cans”, often disguised as cola or beer cans
  • Burning incense, room deodorizers
  • Prescription medication disappearing
  • Any drugs or drug paraphenalia you find on your child or in your home are indications of drug use, even if he or she insists they “belong to a friend”.

6. Changes in Friends and Interests -

  • New or different friends, especially ones who use drugs
  • Friends rarely introduced and seldom come to the house
  • More time spent in room or away from home
  • Secrecy about actions and possessions
  • Hobbies, sports or extra-curricular activities are given up; everything is “boring”
  • Stays out past curfew

7. Positive Attitudes Towards Drugs and Alcohol -

  • Pro-drug messages on posters or clothing
  • Strong defense of the occasional use of drugs by peers, thinks adults “hassle” kids
  • Easily angered when confronted about chemical use
  • Concern expressed by others over his/her use of alcohol or other drugs


This information was copied from the Riverhaven Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency 2011 calendar.

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