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Before the Basics Parenting Techniques


Before the Basics

Before we start with the techniques of parenting, be sure these dynamics are present.  Click the link to see the key basic fundamentals of helping children live positive lives.






            The average American family spends 14 minutes a day in significant interactions.  Eleven of these 14 minutes is spent correcting, yelling, or in other non-encouraging ways.  This leaves just three minutes a day to say “I love you”, “I’m glad we are in the same family”, I am proud of you”, “Thank you”, “You were great and what I most like about what you did is . . .”, and other personally encouraging words.  If there is more than one child in the family this three minutes must be divided accordingly.





            To be fully present with someone is to give him-her your focused attention.  The type of time we spend with our children must include at least some time where there is full, uninterrupted presence.  It is in this type of time that intimacy or “bonding” between people is developed.  Full active listening and trying to fully understand our children’s realities is the presence that will set the stage for healthy growth and maturity.



SPARKLE ~ Enjoy your children


            See the sparkle in your children’s eyes; share with them the sparkle in your heart.  Genuinely and unconditionally cherish each child.  Recognize the wonder in each of your children.  By doing this your actions will be showing your children, in a way that they will understand, how very important they are in your life.





            Playfulness is the spontaneous goodness of living.  Find humor in your days.  Also, we are each unique and have something inside that loves to be expressed.  When we know what this unique inner song is, we find that it enriches us and the people around us.  As our children see us live this way, they also will value the goodness of life.  The way we live our lives is the strongest teacher and role model they will ever have.  As we honor our uniqueness and enjoy life, our children are learning to do the same.


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