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Youth Grant Application

A Collaborative of Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions



The purpose of the Youth Grant is to provide positive alternative activities while encouraging youth involvement in the planning and implementation process. We are looking for projects that will encourage and reinforce youth involvement in meaningful ways in the reduction of underage drinking or tobacco use. Grant requests should reflect the mission of DFM.

The grant amount available is up to $500.00 per event or activity.


Mission of Drug Free Montcalm Collaborative

Drug Free Montcalm works to improve the health of our community by reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs with an emphasis on protecting youth.


Youth Grant Format

Along with the GRANT APPLICATION, you must include the BUDGETfor the event/project. Also, please include the question when responding to any given question (you may need to type out the question with the answer). All grants require an adult sponsor. A signed approval commitment letter by both applicant and adult sponsor will be required if a grant is approved. Applications are accepted year round and are available contingent upon funding availability.

An EVALUATION will be required within 30 days of the event/project completion. ORIGINAL RECEIPTS, as evidence of expenses, will be required with the evaluation.

Additionally, along with the evaluation, a HUMAN INTEREST STORY about the event is requested. DFM may also ask for PHOTOGRAPHS of the event for publication. Each person depicted in photographs must sign a consent form, which is part of this application packet. Each person should be identified on the back of the photo.

All grant awards are subject to availability of funds. DFM will review all grant applications and may have additional questions for you about your plan. Be sure to include contact phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.

Grant applications may be mailed to: DFM P.O. Box 836, Stanton, MI 48838. E-mail or call and let us know you have submitted an application.

For questions or further information call a DFM representative at 989-831-4591 or e-mail at info@mcpud.org. Your inquiry will be responded to within two working days.






Name of Organization: ________________________________________________________

Contact Person(s): ___________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ E-mail______________________________________

Amount Requesting $____________ (maximum $500)

Date(s) of Event: ___________ Location of Event(s): ________________________________

Name of Event: ______________________________________________________________

Purpose of Event: ____________________________________________________________



Target Audience:
Who is this project geared towards? ________________________________________

How many people will be affected by this grant, by age groups?

Preschool – 3rd grade ____ 4th – 6th grade ____ middle school ____ high school ____adult ___

Is this:
 a one-time event  an on-going event

Adult Sponsor Name: _________________________________________________________

Sponsor Phone:_______________e-mail:__________________________________________

Adult Sponsor Signature___________________________________________________
Sponsor Signature required


NARRATIVE  (no more than three pages)

1. Please indicate which PREVENTION STRATEGIES you will use to accomplish your objectives.


 AWARENESS AND INFORMATION: Providing information at a one-time event. This may include billboards, letters to parents, advertising, presentations to youth that are limited to one-time episodes, public service announcements, and other similar ways of delivering a prevention message.

 EDUCATION: Providing an experience that includes multiple events or presentations in a planned and sequential format and addresses specific learning goals.

 TRAINING: Providing a service that empowers the audience to promote prevention principles and/or implement prevention programs.

 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Activities that promote the building or growth of the general or a specific community to address substance abuse issues. This may include organizing individuals to address a given issue as a group, addressing community decision makers to encourage them to be involved in an issue, building relationships with other groups with similar interests to work together on a specific item, or similar activities to improve the health and vitality of the community.

 ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITIES: Sponsoring activities that are held to provide youth options to using alcohol.

 ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE: Focusing on the community level and addressing unhealthy ‘normal’ behaviors, organizational policies, legislation, and/or enforcement and judicial action around substance abuse issues.


2. Describe event/project using specific details. (one page or less)

3. Describe how this will reduce underage drinking or tobacco use in Montcalm County.

4. What partnerships do you have? List their roles.

5. How will the success of this event/project be measured?

6. How will your event/project be promoted?

7. List in-kind contributors and their donation. Include value of contribution.
In-kind contributions can be food, facility w/o charge, speakers, giveaways, clean up, etc.

8. Describe how youth are involved in the planning and implementation of the grant.



List all expected sources of income (not in-kind contributions).

Amount  and Source of Funds

$                     Proposed Drug Free Montcalm funds



$                     TOTAL EXPECTED INCOME

• Income can come from fundraisers, sponsors, foundations, individuals or other sources. Please note if it is committed or pending income.

List all expected costs for this event/project – note – expenses should equal income

Amount and Expense Items








$                    TOTAL EXPENSES

• Every budget item identified should provide enough information to be clearly understood. For example, if food is a cost, you should be specific as to what type of food, how many will be fed, and how you estimated this cost. If t-shirts are a cost, provide a design or description. If materials are a cost, describe what they are, the source and how you will be using them. If you need more room to explain income or expenses, you can do so on an additional page.

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