Aug 17

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MCPUD Offers Portable ID Scanners for Festivals

The Montcalm Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking (MCPUD) is loaning out portable ID scanners.  These scanners are availablel for use by festival coordinators, VFWs, American Legions, or other groups who are serving alcohol to the public and would like to assure they are not serving underage youth.  We also have a list of recommendations to assist alcohol servers in using “Best Practices” when working with the general public.  Contact John Kroneck at 989-831-4591 or JKroneck@LifeGuidanceServices.org for more information.  There is no charge for the ID scanner loans.

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  1. Matt

    Thats a great Idea since most of those places would not have the resources otherwise.

    1. admin

      Thanks Matt. We also have a list of recommendations for festival tents – borrowed from MCRUD. When we provide the training to use the scanner, we also provide the list of recommendations.

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