Sep 09

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Hello Friends and Friends To Be,

 You are invited by Drug Free Montcalm to participate in a special day focusing on  our county and the various communities within it.  We truly hope you and anyone else, including youth, you would like to invite from your organization and/or community will be able to join with others from around the county for this learning, information sharing, and planning event.  We need your input to help develop plans to work collectively and in our individual communities to make them safer, healthier, and more connected for all.  We will be guided in our process of “grassroots” community organizing by Rhonda Molina Ramsey of CADCA, the national training and advocacy organization for the community coalition model.

 Should you have any questions, I would be very happy to answer them.  Please feel free to contact me.

 Also, we are asking that you share this information with any coalitions, groups, and/or individuals who may be interested.

 It would help us with accommodations and food if you could please RSVP.  Please include the number of people  you will be bringing on the 12thWe hope to see you there!

 Thank you,                          

Amy Buckingham
Drug Free Montcalm Coalition Coordinator/ Health Promotion

A Branch of Cherry Street Health Services

PO Box 836, 129 E. Main St., Stanton MI 48888
( 989.831.4591│6 989.831.5768 │* AmyBuckingham@CherryHealth.com

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