Jul 25

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Special Event and YOU are INVITED!

On Thursday September 12th, the national coalition academy, CADCA, is sending a trainer to talk about promoting grass roots involvement in coalitions.  Any who are interested are invited to attend.  Contact the Drug Free Montcalm (DFM) Coordinator,  Amy Buckingham, at 989-831-4591 or AmyBuckingham@CherryHealth.com.

The specific information used will be pertinent to Drug Free Montcalm, however, the dynamics presented are applicable to all coalitions.  Therefore, DFM is opening the training to all who are interested in learning how to work at the “grass roots” level.

Also, on Friday September 13th, the presenter will be working with those who are interested in more of the details.  That is, Thursday will be the overall concepts and Friday will be the implementation details related to the concepts.  People can choose to participate in one or both days.  Talk to Amy for more details.

Hope you can make it!

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