Aug 24

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Selling Tobacco to Minors – Picture Improves

In the Spring of 2011 Tobacco Free Montcalm worked with law enforcement agencies checking to see if stores would sell tobacco products to underage teens. 86.57% of our stores DID NOT SELL. CONGRATULATIONS!

When the stores were first checked in 2001, 50% of the stores sold to minors. Since Spring of 2007 the sale rate to minors has been below 15%. Or, in other words, since 2007 our NO SALE rates have been above 85%. Our store owners, managers and clerks have been doing a great job. The State and Federal target for “no sales” is 80% or above.

We would like to see similar results related to the sale of alcohol. Last year 19% of our alcohol stores sold alcohol to underage teens. It is our goal to work with business owners to realize a 95% NO SALE rate, for both tobacco and alcohol, in Montcalm County.

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