Jul 14

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Friday Night Fires – Youth Leading the Way

This past spring we held a youth summit at a local campground.  From the Summit a number of local youth stepped forward to decide how to carry the Healthy Choices messages back to their local schools and church youth groups.  They have set up a series of three Friday Night Fires events.  These Friday Night Fires include time for fun with bon-fires, time to develop leadership skills and time to develop plans for the up-coming school year. 

The Friday Night Fires Leadership Development series is held the second Friday night of June, July and August.  It is open to all youth.  Also, any adult or community service organization, business or church group that would like to support this leadership program is invited to contact us on how we can work together to promote Healthy Choices with youth.

For more information call John at 989-831-4591 or JohnKroneck@CherryHealth.com.

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